Our Program

The Anthropology/Sociology Department offers students an interdisciplinary program of study leading to a degree with three different emphases or concentrations: Anthropology or Sociology / Social Welfare. Our graduates have found success in a wide variety of professional venues, and we also prepare students who wish to pursue graduate study, research and teaching, or simply enhance their understanding of humans and the societies, cultures and environments in which they live. We’re firmly committed to enhancing the learning and reasoning abilities of students and helping them to view and examine ancient and contemporary societies through the cultural and social prisms that define and shape our disciplines.

Our Department includes five full-time faculty who teach on campus–three in anthropology and two in sociology–and seven adjunct faculty who offer a wide variety of courses online in support of our majors and minors. Faculty members’ offices are located in Ackerman Building–once an elementary school–so it’s full of good vibes.

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