Research publications

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  • For fun: Grigsby, Bill 1992. The Ticket Writer’s Lot (grad term paper for a qualitative methods class).

Recent research/projects:

  • Case study of children’s health care services in Umatilla County (commissioned by the Children’s Mental Health Fund of Eastern Oregon) 2016
  • Mixed mode survey of Pacific Islanders’ health care experiences in Union County (a student/faculty collaboration, authored by Mariah Meyerholz) 2019
  • Report of Faculty Senate ad hoc committee potential partnership with for profit online program management firm (OPM), C. Brewster, B. Grigsby and J. Knudsen-Martin, co-authors (Appendix F: McDonaldization and the accommodation required by institutions in an environment of rapid enrollment expansion)
  • Shared Governance Statements to Trustees (AY 19-20, in capacity as Faculty Senate President)
  • Survey of county residents (n=338) in anticipation of local wind farm proposal 2010

Colloquia presentations (of more recent vintage):