• Instructor:              Bill Grigsby, Department of Anthropology/Sociology
  • Day/time/place:    online
  • Contact info:           bgrigsby@eou.edu;
  • Office hrs:               Wed 2-3 pm (Zoom)
Course description: Examines the ways humans interact with their natural  environments, and examines some of the consequences of those interactions, mixing theory, history and example to look at energy use, resource consumption, population growth, technology, and politics. The natural environment shapes how societies are organized and function, and those societies affect the environment in ways that span from the local to the global, from the immediate to the long-term. Link to syllabus.
  • Paul Hawken. 2017. Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reduce global warming. NY: Penguin.
  • A variety of other assigned readings through this website or available from Canvas.
Prerequisites: None, but Soc 205, a biology or environmental science course is recommended.
Gen-ed credit: SSC