At the end of even-numbered weeks

Every two weeks we’ll have a quiz. I’ll post it by Saturday afternoon (occasionally later if we’re behind on the discussion board), and you’ll have until Tuesday midnight to complete it. Quizzes are timed, so once you start, you need to finish. Don’t open them up until you’re ready—that means you’ve done the readings, read the lecture material, and posted and read the discussion boards. There will usually be 3 to 5 questions, either short answer, multiple choice, or fill in the blank, and each quiz is worth 30 points, and will cover two weeks’ worth of material—reading assignments, online lecture material, and discussion board threads.

Quizzes are not closed book, but before you do a mental fist pump . . . the questions are designed to assess what you’ve learned, not what you could memorize or find verbatim in notes, readings or the website.

Quizzes will be worth 30% of your overall grade (150 pts); good writing counts for another 50 possible points (5 possible for each week’s discussion)

Other assignments: