Week 8


  1. Arnold Pacey. 1990. Technology in World Civilization. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (chapter 1, ‘An age of Asian technology’–just in case you thought the West invented everything). In Canvas.
  2. James Lanchester. 2017. The case against civilization. Sept 18, New Yorker Magazine.
  3. Ernst Schumacher. 1973. Small is beautiful: Economics as if people mattered. New York: Harper Colophon (‘Buddhist Economics‘).
  4. Alan Weisman. 2007. The World Without Us. NY: Picador (Chapter 9, ‘Polymers are Forever’). In Canvas.


  • Langdon Winner. 1986. The Whale and the Reactor. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (Chp 2, Do artifacts have politics?). In Canvas.
  • Elizabeth Kolbert. 2006. Field Notes from a Catastrophe. NY: Bloomsbury (chapter 6, ‘Floating Houses’). In Canvas.

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