Four of them

After weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 there will be a quiz. The quiz will post Saturday early afternoon, and you’ll have until Tuesday night (usually midnight) to complete it. The only exception will be if I think that the discussion hasn’t ‘ripened’ yet, and then I would wait to open the quiz, probably until Sunday morning. These quizzes will be timed (you’ll have way more time than you need—3 hrs—even if you’re cooking dinner or putting kids to bed)—so once you start, you need to finish. Hence you shouldn’t open them until you’re ready. That means you’ve done the readings—both the assigned readings and the lecture pages—and participated in the discussion threads.

There will usually be 2 to 4 questions, either short answer, multiple choice, or fill in the blank, and each quiz is worth 30 points. The quizzes are open book, but they are designed to have students put together what they’ve learned from readings and discussion in the previous two weeks, usually by applying information to some setting. So I wouldn’t recommend opening them until you’ve prepared, and know where to find information if you need it. A question that asks you to discuss something probably can’t be answered in 2-3 sentences, so just keep in mind–each of these is almost 1/3 the length of a typical midterm or final exam.

Quizzes will be worth 24% of your overall grade (120 pts)