Week 3


  1. Robert Cialdini. 2009. Influence: Science and Practice. Boston: Pearson. (chapters 1 & 4).
  2. Izzy Snow, Susan Rahman, Catania Ayala, Shainah Conaway, Perry Kindel, Olivia Page, Joan Palacios, Leslie Rivera, Edith Valencia, Stefan Werba. 2021. Capitalism, celebrity, and consuming corona: Junk Food News in 2019-2020.  Pp 151-72 in Huff and Roth (eds) State of the Free Press 2021. NY: Seven Stories Press. In Canvas.
  3. Aileen Lee. 2011. Social proof is the new marketing. Nov 27, TechCrunch.
  4. Andrew Higgins, Mike McIntire, Gabriel Dance. 2016. Inside a fake news sausage factory: ‘This is all about income.’ Nov 25, NY Times. (In Canvas if you’re having trouble accessing online)

Optional (from the Iraq invasion/occupation):

  • Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism. 2003. Jessica Lynch. June 23. Pew Research Center.

Lecture pages