Persuasion strategies and global warming

But first, some data:

Sea levels, Greenhouse effect, temp and CO2, CO2, temp changes over space, CO2 over time

Pre-persuasion–framing the debate

Source credibility

  • Fox cherrypicking a scientist’s views (sourcewatch’s page on David Evans); more cherrypicking of quotes with a Senator as expert commentator
  • Here’s a Congressman, a leading climate scientist, and a skeptic–should give a sense of who is a good communicator, who publishes in his field and knows the content, and who’s trying to stack the debate
  • Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth
  • Discrediting works, too (climategate, Al Gore)

Message control

  • Global warming vs climate change
  • Each’side’ has language that it uses in public discourse
    • Climate deniers, global warming, climate disruption, front groups/astroturf/greenwash, fossil fuels, renewable energy
    • Global warming alarmists, climate change, theory, climategate (trying to tie a ‘scandal’ to Watergate–see above link), Medieval warming period (i.e., pre-industrial warming suggests humans aren’t involved), global cooling, clean coal, energy security, climate police

Appeal to emotion (mostly fear)


Other basic principles