Instructor:    Bill Grigsby
Date(s):          Zoom sessions Jan 22 (7-9pm) and Jan 23 (9:30-11:30am; 1:30-5:00pm)
Modality:      remote 
Course description: This course is designed to help students think about technology. Most of us are users of technology, but few have reflected on it sufficiently to examine it critically, its effects on our lives, our work, our environment, our consumption patterns, even our thought processes. Yet if affects every facet of our lives, and also affects the lives of people across the globe through a chain of production, consumption, and disposal. The class will focus on technology and history, culture, environment, scale, systems, change, and the future. You will learn things about technology that you never knew you didn’t know (link to syllabus).
No assigned text, but a variety of readings via Canvas