Assignment description due pts
Participation Attendance is mandatory, participation in discussion encouraged 50
Summary/analysis of readings Brief summary/analysis of each of the readings for class; a concluding paragraph that provides synthesis Feb 26 50
Journal/reflection On your use of the ‘smart phone.’ Pretty detailed for one week, and if you’re up for it, one day cold turkey Mar 18 100
total 200

 Grade scale

     90% > 180 – 200 pts A
80-89% 160 – 179 pts B
70-79% 140 – 159 pts C
60-69% 120 – 139 pts D
 < 60% < 120 pts F
Minuses will be given for the bottom third (0-3) of each range; pluses for the top third (7-9). I will also use pluses and minuses positively if I feel that one’s grade did not reflect his/her effort; I will not use them to reduce a grade. Except for mathematical error, all grades are final.