Haiku forum

Japanese poetry that consists of three lines and a specific number of syllables per line: 5-7-5.

Haiku: Poetry?
No room for verbosity,
Less is sometimes more.

So at the end of even-numbered weeks—well, actually anytime during those weeks—you will need to submit your haiku. But since you are being asked to capture the essence of the readings, in a more literary and poetic way, a little time for percolation and processing would suggest closer to the due date will give you more to dredge up—without getting too Freudian—from the subconscious. You’ll see the deadlines in the modules for these, hopefully as you do the haiku, it coincides in some way with your preparation for the bi-weekly quizzes. That was part of the plan, anyway.

25 points possible, 5 x 5 points