Writing in discussion forums

Write and proofread real good. Okay??

You must demonstrate college-level writing in both the website analysis paper and in discussion boards. There will be five points possible each week for writing in the discussion boards, meaning you need to proofread your posts, check for spelling errors, capitalize, all that basic grammar-related stuff, and make sure that they make sense, to get the full five points each week (there will be a separate grade item for this). A ‘5’ means your posts are in order, make sense, thoughts are well-organized, and you’ve probably done some proofreading before hitting the ‘submit’ button. A ‘4’ means you’ve probably done some proofreading, but there are still some pretty glaring errors. ‘3’ means it’s not really clear you’ve proofread the posts for the week. A ‘1’ or ‘2’ indicates your posts have so many errors in them that they’re hard to follow, and in any case readers may not take them as seriously. I do this because writing is just so critical to finding gainful, professional employment, communicating with prospective employers, and we all need to show some self-awareness about our writing.

This will show up as a separate grade for each week of the course. But you don’t have to submit anything–if you’ve done what is described above for a ‘5’, you’ll just see the five points in the grade book (if it’s something less, I will usually add a comment of explanation).

5 points possible per week, 50 points total for the term.