Ten percent of success (in this class) is just showing up

And to paraphrase Yogi Berra–who played and coached baseball and did not teach mathematics–the other half is doing the work.

On Thursdays (when we have small groups on Fridays) or Fridays, at the end of the class period, I’ll give you five minutes to write what you have learned from class for that week. Obviously it would be a good idea to be thinking about what you might write come Thursday or Friday. From my point of view in trying to help you learn the material and how to think about it, the more often you intellectually engage course content, the higher the quality of learning. Obviously this also depends on whether we’re in Zoom or in-person, as to how we do this, but the principle is the same, and I would hold you to the honor system that you’re composing during the class—thinking on your feet is always easier if you’ve been processing the material you’ve been asked to write about. If you’re absent, you can make it up, but not for full credit.

50 points possible (ten points per week)