Midterm, individual and group

There will be one exam, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Nov 1-2, You will take the test on Monday as you normally would. On Tuesday, you have the option of re-taking the test in a small group, where group members can discuss answers among yourselves before turning in one exam for the group (still closed book, though, but you can of course study as you like Monday night for Tuesday’s re-test). The individual portion of the exam (Monday’s test) will be worth 75% of your total grade for the test, and the group portion 25%. If you prefer, you can take the test again on Tuesday by yourself, or choose not take it again and settle for whatever grade you end up with from Monday’s test (without knowing your grade). If your group on the second day scores lower than you as an individual did the previous day, I will not lower your grade (i.e., I’ll give you 100% of the points based on your Monday, individual score). The point of this exercise is to, hopefully, turn the test into a learning exercise as well as an evaluation tool. Past experience has shown that the group re-test raises the class average from a half to a whole letter grade.

Midterm exam is worth 100 points.