Final Study Guide

Remember, this is a guide. It’s just a portal to the information you need to acquire to do well on the final. Four basic themes: low-wage work (McDonaldization, Ehrenreich, Shipler), welfare (we also discussed an expanded understanding of welfare that included community development), school (Lareau). Jonathan Haidt’s video and the notion of ‘anti-fragility’ seem relevant and worth contrasting with Lareau.

  • Living wage
    • Understand the kinds of expenses that factor in to calculating a living wage, and how that compares with federal measures of poverty
    • How is poverty measured, and what are the weaknesses?
  • Low-wage work
  • Alternative conceptions of development
    • Community Development (broader discussion here–remember what Chambers wrote about ‘biases‘ that tend to exclude people from participation)
      • Summary (we didn’t get to corporate welfare)
  • Addressing problems with welfare, inequality, poverty