Assignments: online

Quizzes, every other week

This is how I evaluate your learning from the readings and discussion we do. At the end of each even-numbered week we’ll have a timed, open-book quiz in Canvas. It will be based on the readings I’ve assigned assigned for the week, as well as any online lecture material  I’ve made available. There will be 2 to 4 questions, either short answer, multiple choice, or short essay.

I’ll generally make the quizzes available Saturday at noon, and you’ll have until Tuesday at midnight to complete them. They will be timed (three hours), which is waaay more time that you’ll need, but once you’ve begun you need to finish. These are open-book, but the answers won’t be readily available—you’ll have to think through the questions. They will be based on material from the readings, lecture material online, and the discussion boards, meaning that it’s in your best interests to generate discussion and questions early in the week, so that you have something to study and reflect on before you decide to take the quiz.

Quizzes will be worth 30% of your overall grade (150 pts, 30 pts/quiz x 5)