Dates to remember

(Keep in mind, office hours are every Monday via email and Thursday via Zoom, except for Thanksgiving week, at the regular class time–9:00 am, and Wednesdays we will hold class via Zoom)
Oct 9 Small group discussion: Your tax dollars at work
Oct 13 wks 1-2 discussion due
Oct 23 Small groups: Social Security
Oct 26 wks 3-4 discussion due
Oct 31 Midterm quiz opens (in Canvas)
Nov 3 Midterm quiz closes (midnight)
Nov 9 wks 5-6 discussion due
Nov 11 Veterans Day observed
Nov 13 Small groups: Children’s Mental Health
Nov 23 Small Groups: Comparing Haidt and Lareau
Nov 24 wks 7-8 discussion due
Nov 25-29 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 5 ‘Final’ quiz opens
Dec 5 Welfare term paper due (in Canvas)
Dec 7 wks 9-10 discussion due
Dec 8 (my) course evaluation opens (until Friday, Dec 11)
Dec 8 ‘Final’ quiz closes (at midnight)
Dec 11 Discussion makeups due (by midnight in Canvas)