• Instructor:              Bill Grigsby
  • Contact:                    Ack 202F; bgrigsby@eou.edu
  • Office hours:          TBD
Catalog description: Examines women’s lives in less developed countries, predominantly located in the Global South, and the forces that shape them. Introduces a broad, interdisciplinary and international literature focusing on issues related to women’s work, health, education, social, economic and political status, their property rights, within local, regional, national and global contexts. Economic development is often seen as both a contributor to gender-based inequities, and a vehicle for addressing them. Link to syllabus.


  • Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, Nan Wiegersma and Laurie Nisonoff (editors). 2011. The Women, Gender & Development Reader (2nd edition). London: Zeb Books.
  • Maggie Black. 2015. No-Nonsense International Development: Illusions and Realities. London: New Internationalist.
  • In addition, we will have numerous readings available in Canvas.

Prerequisites: None, but Soc 204 and at least junior standing recommended.