Day/dates Assignment/event
Sat-Wed, Jun 26-30 Wks 1 quiz open
Sat-Tu, July 10-13 Wks 2-3 quiz open
Monday, July 26 Analysis of development measures due
Sat-Tu, Jul 24-27 Wks 4-5 quiz open
Tuesday, Aug 3 Term project plan due
Sat-Tu, Aug 7-10 Wks 6-7 quiz open
Wednesday, Aug 25 Term project draft due in Canvas*
Friday, Aug 27 Peer review due in Canvas*
Sat-Wed, Aug 21-25 Wks 8-9 quiz open
Wednesday,  Sept 1 Term project final due in Canvas
Fri Sept 3 End-of-term evaluation closes
Fri, Sept 3 Last day to submit make-up discussions
*Students must submit a draft proposal to receive a peer’s paper for review (meaning there are 40 points tied up in these requirements).